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Cloth Diaper Covers: Aplix vs. Snaps

When it comes to cloth diaper covers, some moms are very particular about which type of closure they use. It is almost like a little battle of the aplix lovers vs. the snaps lovers. Aplix has been the most popular closure type for cloth diaper covers for a long time, but more and more manufacturer's are making diaper covers with snaps. More parents are starting to demand them, and for good reason.

Aplix: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I happen to love cloth diaper covers with aplix, and so does my husband. It is so easy to put on and so easy to adjust. When you have a super wiggly baby or toddler, putting on a diaper cover with aplix is like a dream! Just fasten and go. Unfortunately the fact that it is so easy to put on also means it's easy to take off - that means a curious toddler will quickly find great appeal in the "ripping" sound it makes as it takes his diaper cover off. Luckily at my house it was a short lived stage.

I think the worst thing about cloth diaper covers with aplix are when you get cheap aplix or poorly made laundry tabs. If you wash your diaper covers with aplix and it doesn't stick to the laundry tabs, it becomes a nightmare. Your diaper covers with aplix will stick to anything it can - including the cover itself. This will leave anything it sticks to pilly and messy looking. I have ruined a few covers and diapers this way! Cheap laundry tabs can also lead to the dreaded "diaper chain". A diaper chain is when you have several diapers or covers with aplix that all stick together, so when you pull one out you get a whole chain instead. Then you have to pull them all apart.

There is a way to remedy to problems with aplix and laundry tabs though. Most fabric stores carry velcro, so go to your local fabric store or Wal Mart and buy a small roll. Cut them into little squares and after you are done using the diaper or cover with aplix simply affix the velcro to the aplix fasteners and throw them in your diaper pail. Once they are washed and dried, remove the velcro tabs and store them for later use. Pretty easy and inexpensive, and saves your diapers and covers from getting ruined.

Another problem with cloth diaper covers with aplix is tummy burn. This happens when the top of the cover rolls down and the aplix closures are exposed to your baby's skin. The aplix will start to rub on their little tummy and cause a little burn or rash. It is not a super common problem, but you do have to watch for it. Make sure you have a good fitting cover and don't fasten the aplix closures to high up. If you notice a tummy burn you can assess the reason for the problem and correct it with the next diaper change.

Snaps: Why Moms Love Them

Diaper covers with snaps are a popular choice. No diaper chains, no pilly diapers in the wash, and a little deterrence for toddlers from just ripping them off. Cloth diaper covers with snaps are not quite as easy to put on as those with aplix, but they are still quite easy. The nice thing about snapping diaper covers is that once you know which snap settings fit your baby, you can just snap them in the same place every time. It's a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it it's really easy.

I have to say the one thing I really dislike about using diaper or diaper covers with snaps is I have had problems with snaps that dig into my child's waist. I had some covers (that shall remain nameless) that I loved but the snaps always dug into my poor guy's hips. It is not usually a problem, but if you use diapers or covers that are one size and have exposed snaps, there is a good chance of it. If you use one size diaper covers with snaps, make sure they have hidden snaps to protect your baby's delicate skin.

I know a lot of mamas love cloth diaper covers with snaps because their toddlers can't take them off, but I have to say, my toddler can. Sure he weren't through a period where it was too difficult, but he is an ambitious little guy and now can take anything off. He may just be an exception the the norm though, so don't let that stop you.

Another great thing about cloth diaper covers with snaps are covers that offer two rows of snaps. This is great for customizing the fit of the cover on your baby. You can set the waist and the thigh snaps on different settings, so if you baby has a tiny waist but large thighs, you can still get the perfect fit.

Decide For Yourself

Whichever type of cover you use really doesn't matter. They both have their pro's and cons - it's just a matter of personal preference. Try one of each type of diaper cover and see which you like. Maybe you will love aplix when they are newborn and snaps when they are toddlers. As long as you and you baby are happy, that's all that matters.

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