Cloth Diaper Dictionary & Abbreviarions

When I first started looking into using cloth diapers I did a lot of research. In this research I came across a few different forums where other parents talked about cloth diapers and parenting. I quickly realized that I didn't have a clue what they were talking about! PPD and longies and trifold? I knew that LOL meant laugh out loud, but there were so many other terms and abbreviations I just couldn't figure it out. Luckily I had a newborn who slept a lot and time to learn.

Cloth Diaper Dictionary

And lucky for you I have compiled a few lists to make it easier on you! I have given a list of most of the popular terms used in cloth diapering and brief descriptions to help you better understand what they are.

Cloth Diaper Materials

I also made a list of all the terms used to describe the different materials used in making cloth diapers. Now when you see "cotton velour" you won't be confused!

Cloth Diaper Forum Abbreviations

If you are like me you love to chat on forums so you can talk to other like minded mama's and get the latest scoop on what's hot in cloth diapering.

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