Top Cloth Diaper Picks

I love trying cloth diapers and have tried ALOT. So I thought it would be a good idea to let you know a little about my top picks. These are time tested and well loved favorites of mine.

Imagine unbleached flats from Nicki's Diapers

Why I Love Them - These flats are the softest flats I have ever tried! I didn't think flats could be so soft! They are also very budget friendly at under $15 a dozen. They shrink up to be about 24" x 25" which is perfect in size for babies a year and under or for pocket inserts. They are absorbent and lovely!

Large unbleached from Green Mountain Diapers

Why I Love Them - Perfect size for toddlers and older babies! They shrink up to be about 28" x 29" making them perfect for pad folding or folding. They are pretty soft too, but they are more expensive at $27 per dozen. I think they are worth the price though, because GMD offers great quality cotton diapers.

Imagine prefolds from Nicki's Diapers

Why I Love Them - These are hands down the softest prefolds I have every tried! I have tried at least 4 other brands and none can compare in softness. I also love the sizing of their Smart Fit prefolds. They are shorter and wider than the other sized prefolds, giving them a perfect fit. I hate folding down prefolds, and with the Imagine Smart Fit I never have to!

Organic Prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers

Why I Love Them - The softest organic prefolds I have tried. These prefolds are not as quilty as other prefolds, but this only makes them trimmer. They are very absorbent and although they are more expensive than other brands, they are well worth the price.

Muttaqin Baby Fitted Diapers

Why I Love Them - I have used these fitteds on and off for 3 years. I have always been impressed by the quality of workwomanship of these diapers. Michelle, the owner, has great customer service and always strives to improve the diaper pattern to make these the best fit for her customers. She offers sized and one size fitteds in adorable patterns. I have tried many other fitteds which are great, but these are my favorites not only for quality, but for the customer service as well.

Sustainablebabyish Bamboo Fleece Fitted

Why I Love Them - These sized diapers are amazingly absorbent! I don't think I have found a match to these in absorbency. They are made with bamboo fleece, very soft, and have a clean look.

bumGenius One Size pocket diapers

Why I Love Them - These diapers have stood the test of time for me. I have been using the bumGenius pockets through 3 of the 4 versions they have made. They have an outstanding warranty, are well made, fit well, and are very absorbent. They have great customer service and one of the best rated pocket diapers. They have really listened to the public to make these diapers the best product they could.

Bottombumpers Sized All In One

Why I Love Them - These diapers are amazingly trim! And they are made with an all natural inner of cotton and bamboo velour. They have great absorbency - they can hold my heavy wetter. They are also well made and made in the USA.

Grovia One Size All In One

Why I Love Them - I really love cotton, and these AIO's have an all cotton jersey inner. Very soft and absorbent. These are also one of the trimmest diapers I have used, especially considering how absorbent they are. Grovia also has an outstanding warranty. I have had a few issues with some of their products and always been helped quickly and with no hassles. Grovia is always striving to improve their products and come out with new colors and prints to keep their customers happy, which is something I love.

Flip All In Two System

Why I Love Them - The Flip System is one of the most versatile AI2 systems available. It is a one size cover that has 3 different insert options. Not only does it have 3 insert options, but it also can accommodate just about any other insert you want to lay into it. This includes prefolds or flats, other brands of inserts - or whatever you like. The Flip System is also one of the most economical AI2's, not only because of the price of their inserts, but because you can use prefolds or flats in them as well. This system is well loved by many moms for it's versatility and ease of use. The Flip System is made by Cotton Babies, makers of bumGenius, so it comes with a great warranty and great customer service.

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