Cloth Diapers: How Often To Change

When I first started using cloth diapers, I was completely unaware as to how often to change them. With my two oldest sons I used disposables and thought that they didn't need to be changed until full. So my first couple of weeks with cloth I thought that I could do the same thing - let my baby go for quite some time. I was really upset when at every diaper change, the diapers were soaked to the brim. I didn't think they were very absorbent. I just have to laugh at myself now! What I didn't realize was that cloth diapers (well really all diapers) need to be changed frequently - no matter how much they can hold - unless your baby is sleeping.

So the all important question is, how often do you change your baby's cloth diapers? That is dependent on a few things. The age of your baby, how often the go pee and poop, and the absorbency of the diaper. I honestly don't recommend you have your baby in a diaper any more than 2 hours, unless they are sleeping. I don't like to think of my baby sitting in his pee any longer than that if he doesn't have to. If your baby pees and poops alot, you may need to change them very frequently. Some moms like to change with every pee.

And at home that is easy to do. You can set up a schedule by looking at the clock every time you change your baby. Then change him 2 hours later (or whatever your schedule is), but make sure to check during that time for poop or to make sure the diaper isn't already full. In my opinion the more often you change a diaper, the better it is for your baby. It will make them feel better, help keep rashes away, and you will avoid potential leaks.

On the go it may be a different story - you may not be able to change as often, and that's OK. If you know you are going to be out or in the car for a long period, make sure you have a diaper that is pretty absorbent. You may also want a stay dry diaper for times like these, if you baby is prone to rashes. Some companies make hybrid cloth diapers, which is a combination of a cloth cover and a disposable insert. Many moms choose these when traveling because it is a little easier than doing all cloth, but the disposable inserts are more environmentally and baby friendly.

So the bottom line is, check your baby often, make a changing schedule, and change cloth diapers every couple of hours if possible. Once you get a routine down, it will be a habit and easy to do.

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