Contour Diapers

Contour diapers are an hourglass shaped diaper that wraps around your baby. It is a mix between a prefold and a fitted, using the best of both.Generally a contour does not have elastic in the legs or waist and has no closures. Some contour diapers do come with elastic in the legs, but a tradtional contour does not. Contours are not water proof and require a cover.

A contour can be made of any absorbent material such as cotton, hemp or bamboo. The soaker is usually sewn into the body of the diaper, but sometimes you will find one with a snap in soaker. These diapers can either be laid into a cover or fastened with a Snappi or pins. Contours are easy to use and inexpensive.

How To Use A Contour

Contours are very easy to use. You can simply wrap it around your baby and then fasten a cover around it to hold it in place, or lay it in a cover and fasten to hold in place. Some contours can be fastened using a Snappi or pins, but make sure before you buy that the material the contour is made from can be Snappied or pinned. Some material won't work well for this.

Many parents love contours because they are so easy to use. Unfortunatly without leg elastic you can have some issues with poo leaking out. This isn't always the case though, so make sure you fastened these tightly because they will loosen up a bit after wearing, or use a good trustworthy cover that won't leak.

Priced Right and Easy To Use

With a prices ranging from $8-$10, contours are a great choice if you like the ease of a fitted but the simplicity of a prefold. You can make a very nice stash of contour diapers, and I have seen some very nice one size contours that would last for most of your child's diapering years. Because a contour has no closures, you can easily customize the fit, and they will have plenty of room to accommodate doublers for added absorbency. You can easily use these over nights if needed.

For the price contours are a great diaper. If you are looking for affordability and ease of use, definitely try some.

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