Free Cloth Diaper Cover Patterns

Wool and Fleece Covers

Katrina's pattern is one of the most popular soaker patterns and it's free! You can make them from wool or fleece and there are many variations to the pattern.

Katrina's Soaker pattern and instructions

This is an awesome tutorial! A wool wrap from Very Baby. You can use this pattern to get you started:

Wool Wrap pattern

Very Baby Wool Wrap picture tutorial (

Make a wool cover from a sweater. This is a new way to do it I just found. Looks pretty easy!

Baby Bum Sweaters

Make shorties or longies from a sweater. You can use either a wool or fleece sweater, which is really nice. I used this pattern and liked it alot. Very easy!

How To Make A Recyled Wool Cover

And here is a similar one Wool Diaper Cover

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