Cloth Diaper Materials

Bamboo - Bamboo is a naturally absorbant, anti-bacterial and doesn't hold in odors. It is also breathable and seems to help wick away moisture from babies skin. There are several different types of bamboo material to choose from, each with their own look and feel. Bamboo velour is the most popular of the bamboo fabrics. It is silky soft and works well for just about any sort of diaper. Bamboo french terry has been said to be the most absorbant, and makes a wonderful soaker material.

Birdseye Fabric - A thin woven fabric used for prefolds, flats or for the soaker material of a fitted or AIO. It absorbs quickly and is very durable.

Burley Knit Terry - Burley knit terry is made with longer and thicker loops than regular terry. It is a highly absorbant and stratchy material, but because if its bulk, its generally used for soakers and inserts.

Cotton Fleece - A soft and durable fabric, cotton fleece is made from 100% cotton.

Flannel - A lightweight fabric made of either 100% cotton, or a blend of cotton another fiber. Flannel is thickly napped on one side and soft and smooth on the other. A good material for diaper inners and soakers.

Fleece - A man made form of wool, fleece is 100% polyester and comes in many different thicknesses, or weights. Fleece can be used for the inner part of a diaper and will help wick away moisture from babies skin. Thicker varities can be used as diaper covers with their waterproof qualities.

French Terry - A knit fabric that has small loops on one side and is smooth on the other. It is a more absorbant and softer version of terry cloth. It can be used in combination with other types of fabrics such as bamboo or hemp.

Hemp - Hemp fabrics are usually a combination of 55% hemp and 45% cotton. It is a popular choice for diapers and inserts because of its natural anti-microbial properties, durability and absorbancy. Hemp has a tendency to get stiff after it's been washed a few times, but will soften over time.

Interlock Wool - A double layered wool knit. This wool is a medium-weight and more durable than jersey wool.

Microfiber - A synthetic material made of 75% polyester and 25% polyamide. This material is a popular choice for pocket inserts as it can be very absorbent.

Microfleece - Made with a double-sided micro-fiber that is very soft and lightweight. Microfleece is a great choice for the inner side of a diaper because it helps wick moisture from babies skin and resists staining.

Organic - Fabric material has been grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Not only good for the Earth, but good for your baby.

Polar Fleece - Another form of microfleece made by Malden Mills. It has a little more of a waxy feel than regular fleece and may pill after it's been washed.

Polyester - A synthetic, woven fiber used primarily in the manufacture of plastic. Polyester is often combined with cotton when used for cloth diapers to increase durability. It requires minimal care, is wrinkle resistant, and is quick-drying.

PUL - Or Polyurethane Laminate, is any fabric that has been laminated with a polyurethane on one side to make it waterproof. It is more breathable than plastic, very durable and can withstand high temperatures, making it a popular choice for pocket diapers and covers.

Recycled Wool - Usually a 100% wool sweater than has been cut and sewn to make shorties, longies or a cover.Sherpa - A stretch knit terry where the loop side has been brushed to create a fleece like texture. It is a durable and absorbent material and is great for fitted diapers and cloth wipes.

Suedecloth - Made from polyester, this fabric has the look and feel of suede, but is extremely easy to care for. Suedecloth does not pill, wicks moisture from babies skin, cleans easily, and continues to look nice wash after wash. It is commonly used for pocket diaper inners.

Terry - The loop formed by the pile of a fabric when left uncut. Terry is generally made with cotton and is a good fabric for cloth wipes.

Wind Pro Fleece - A type of polar fleece made by Malden Mills. Wind Pro, as the name suggests, is made to be wind resistant. For the use of cloth diapers, Wind Pro is extremely breathable and water resistant. This material is wonderful for covers and shorties or longies.

Wool - A natural fiber usually derived from sheep, and occaissonaly from lamb, alpaca or angora and other such animals. Wool is primarily know for its naturally anit-bacterial and water repelling properties, as well as being extremely breathable. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in liquid without feeling wet. Wool is a wonderful choice for covers of all types.

Wool Jersey - A single layer wool knit. This type of wool is very lightweight and makes a wonderful cover.

Woven Cotton - Cotton that has been woven instead of knit for a more durable, yet less stretchy material.

Velour - A closely woven, thick pile fabric. Velour is velvety soft and smooth and is often used in combination with bamboo or cotton. It is a popular choice for fitted diapers and cloth wipes. Velour is durable and can stay soft over many washes.

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