Family Cloth

Family Cloth is a great alternative to toilet paper. As cloth diapering becomes more popular, more families are finding that using cloth is not only better for your baby, but better for the whole family. As you venture further into the world of cloth diapers, you may start to hear the term "family cloth" and want to know more about it. Making the switch from paper to cloth in your bathroom may sound unappealing to some, but it can actually be quite refreshing. I use it myself, and I have to say I really hate toilet paper now. Cloth wipes are so much nicer and softer and there are no chemicals or additives in it. All natural stuff against my lady bits.

How Do You Get Started Using Family Cloth?

To get started with cloth wipes for your family, you will need about 2- 3 dozen for 2 days for each family member - give or take. Men will probably use less because they are only using it for #2. You will also need a medium sized hanging wet bag or small lidded pail with a wet bag for each bathroom you use family cloth in. You can keep your cloth wipes on the back of the toilet in a container or basket, in a rolling cart, drawer, shelving, or whatever you like. Just make sure it is close enough to your toilet so it's easily accessible. You can put your hanging wet bag on the back of the door, on the toilet paper holder or keep a lidded container next to your toilet so you can conveniently throw your dirty wipes in.

To Poo or Not to Poo

Not everyone who uses family cloth completely switches from toilet paper. That is, some do not use their wipes for going #2 and some do not have every family member using cloth wipes. When using cloth for poo, you may or may not want to rinse them before putting them into your wet bag. It is definitely your preference. Having a diaper sprayer in your bathrooms will come in handy to rinse off your wipes.

Not all family members will be comfortable wiping their bums with cloth. If that is the case, it is still great for the females in the family. Cloth wipes are much softer and more comfortable than paper and you may soon convince those who are hesitant.

Some families wet their wipes for poop. It helps clean things a little better. I would definitely recommend using a textured wipe for this as well. A flannel or velour isn't going to pick things up as well as one might like, if you know what I mean. I know it sounds gross, but try it and you will probably like it. Make that love it.


Washing your family cloth can be as simple as putting them in the washing machine with your diapers. You can just dump the wipes and wet bag in with no fuss or mess. Or if you have enough, you can just wash all your family cloth together in one small load. You would simply use the same wash routine you have with your cloth diapers. You can also wash your family cloth with your mama pads.

What Kind of Wipes To Use

The materials that you use for your family cloth is your preference. I personally like flannel/flannel cloth wipes because they are soft, absorbent, and inexpensive. You can also get them in a wide variety of prints and colors, which makes it fun for everyone.

Other materials that can be really good for family cloth are velour, bamboo, sherpa and hemp. Those are materials that are soft and absorbent, but they do cost more than flannel. Textured materials such as hemp, sherpa or terry are great for cleaning up poo as well. You may want to do a combo of something something soft and something textured - velour/sherpa or flannel/terry - so you can have wipes that are easy for cleaning both urine and poo.

Where To Buy

If you already have a great place you like to buy cloth wipes for your baby, you may want to buy your family cloth there. There are many great WAHM's on that can make cloth wipes from a variety of different materials for great prices. Most of these WAHM's usually give some sort of discount for large orders and have great quality workwomanship wipes.

Another great place to look for wonderful WAHM wipes is Hyena Cart. There are several great shops that make wipes, although you may find the prices are just a little bit higher and there are no quantity discounts. Nonetheless, you will find some great quality WAHM wipes here.

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