How To Fold A Flat Diaper

Flat fold diapers, otherwise known as 'flats' are very popular right now. They are easy to wash, easy to use and super affordable! They do need to be folded to be used though, hence the name 'flat fold'.

The Origami Fold

This is a great fold for smaller babies and it's super trim.

Lay your flat out

Fold into half

Fold into fourths

Bring the top right corner over to the left, making a triangle

Flip over

Take left side of square and fold over half way to the middle of the square.

Fold over again to create the soaker pad in the middle.

Then fold soaker pad up over baby.

And then wrap sides around baby and fasten with pins or a Snappi.

The Kite Fold

This is my favorite fold of all, because you can make the length a perfect fit for any size baby.

Lay diaper out flat in a diamond shape, then bring top corner down

Bring left corner over to line up with top of flat

Then do the same with the right side, creating a kite shape

Bring the bottom up to the middle of the diaper. You can adjust the rise of the diaper by making this shorter or longer.

Fold the two bottom corners over into the middle and leave the two top corners spread out. This creates a "poop pocket".

Wrap the wings around your baby and fasten with pins or a Snappi

The Pad Fold

The Pad Fold is perfect for laying into a diaper cover. It's the easiest fold and also the most absorbent.

Fold your flat into a square.

Then fold one side over to the middle of the flat

Then fold the other side over creating a long rectangle or pad. Lay into a diaper cover and put on your baby.

I will be working on more fold tutorials, so please check back : )

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