Free Diaper Patterns and Tutorials

Using free diaper patterns and tutorials to sew your own diapers is one of the best ways to use cloth and save money. If you are crafty and have a sewing machine, or even if you don't know much about sewing at all, you can make some great and cheap diapers at home. Here are some of the best and some of my favorites. Have fun mamas!


The Not So Flat Wrap (NSFW) takes the idea of a flat and makes it a little easier. This is a great free diaper pattern by Little Comet Tails.

Not So Flat Wrap pattern

Similar to the NSFW is the Quick Snap Flat Wrap. Another great way to use flats without all the folding.

Pattern Picture Tutorial


Very Baby has a wonderful picture tut on making a prefold the real way. This is one of my favorite free diaper patterns. You can also go to the Very Baby shop to buy materials.

Sewing A Prefold Tutorial by Very Baby (

How to make a prefold. This free diaper pattern has nice detailed instructions on how to make a prefold. You can use birdseye, hemp or even bamboo - fun!

How To Sew A Prefold

And here is a free diaper pattern on how to make prefolds made from t-shirts. Fun and cheap! What a great way to make use of those old rock tees.

How To Make A Prefold Out Of A T-Shirt

Want to turn your prefolds into fitteds? Here is a great little tutorial. Prefitteds combine the ease of use of a fitted with the simplicity of a prefold.

Prefold To Fitted Tutorial


One of the best free cloth diaper patterns out there! The Rita's Rump Pocket is a one size pocket fitted made with flannel. This diaper is easy to make and very inexpensive!

Rita's Rump Pocket pattern

Here is a diaper pattern for a gorgeous fitted or all in one diaper.

Ottobre Fitted Pattern

Super cheap tut on how to make a fitted diaper from things around the house.

Super Cheap Fitted Diaper tutorial

Goodness Gracious! A free diaper pattern with very detailed instructions to boot! This is a great pattern for a nice little project.

Goodness Gracious pattern and tutorial

Cloth Trainers

This trainer with picture tutorial looks amazing!

Free Trainers Pattern at

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