Going Coverless

You may have heard the term "going coverless" quite a bit if you often frequent cloth diapering or natural parenting forums. So what is it? It's when you have your baby in a fitted or prefold without any sort of cover. . .It may sound like a strange idea, but there are actually benefits to have your child go coverless. I have heard many a mama ask questions about how to do it and thought I could help answer some of those questions for you.

How Do You Go Coverless?

Going coverless is easy! Just put on a good absorbent fitted, prefold, flat or prefitted (any diaper that requires a cover) and let your baby go about her normal routine. If your baby is in a stage where he likes to play on his stomach often, then you can lay a fleece blanket underneath him. It's important to not ever let your baby go coverless wearing a diaper that is fastened with a Snappi. The Snappi can come undone and seriously injure your baby.

Why Go Coverless?

There are a few great benefits to going coverless for your baby. For one, it helps keep them cooler in the hot summer months. Where I live it gets to be in the high 90's and when my son plays outside in a pocket diaper or a PUL cover he gets very sweaty underneath his diaper. Going coverless helps air circulation flow allowing your baby's delicate skin to breathe. This is great if your baby is prone to diaper rash. Even if your baby only occasionally gets a rash it can help a rash clear up quickly. And lastly, going coverless is a great way to know right away when your little one needs to be changed. Changing your baby's diaper often will help keep their skin dry, prevent rashes and make them all around happier. Going coverless is also a great way to enjoy cute printed fitteds or just seeing your little one in cloth.

Isn't It Messy?

Going coverless can have its occasional messes. You just have to be a little careful. For instance, before you pick your baby up, check the diaper to make sure it’s not wet. Otherwise, you will be wet too. If you have a good and absorbent fitted, and keep an eye on their diaper for wetness, you should be OK. I have had a few experiences with major leaks, but I can attribute that to my toddler holding it in for a long time and then letting the flood gates open. It hasn't happened very often so I don't worry about it.

When Is A Good Time Go Coverless?

Summer is a perfect time for going coverless, and so is any other time when it is warm enough. In the fall and spring, you can always use some baby legwarmers to help keep your little one warm. Playing outside or running around the house are also great times for going coverless. There is nothing cuter than seeing my son run around with nothing but a cloth diaper on in the summer, and I feel good knowing he can keep coo

How Old Does My Baby Have To Be To Go Coverless

Any age baby can go coverless. If your baby is still young and spends most of her time laying down playing or sleeping, you can lay a fleece blanket underneath them as they are going coverless. And older babies and toddlers who are always on the go won't be in one place long enough to worry about wet diapers leaving a spot.

All in all, going coverless can have a lot of advantages. Just make sure you always have an absorbent diaper on, change your baby often, and keep a fleece blanket in handy for your baby to sit or lay on.

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