One Size Diapers Explained

One size diapers have become a very popular choice in cloth diapering recently. They can be a great convenience, helping you to save money on the overall cost of cloth diapering.

What are one size diapers exactly? They are a diaper that is meant to be able to fit your baby from birth to potty learning. They have an adjustable rise so the diaper can actually grow as your child does. The rise, depending on the diaper, can adjust by either snapping or folding. You can find one size pockets, fitteds, or AIO's.

Reason To Consider One Size

There are many great reasons to consider using one size diapers. The best reason being that you will not have to worry about buying any other size diapers. When your baby grows out of size small, you simply adjust the rise setting to medium. Some diapers even include an extra small or extra large setting to ensure they last your child through their diapering years.Another great reason to use one size diapers is the savings you can get not having to buy more as your child moves from one size to the next. When you have one size diapers, you can keep them for years, never worrying about having enough funds to buy the next size in diapers.

And when you have more than one child in diapers, one size is a great way for them to share. With gender neutral colors and easy rise adjustments, you can use your one size diapers for two or more babies at a time.

One thing I have noticed about one size pocket diapers is that they usually come with inserts. And often times they come with either a one size insert to adjust to the different settings of the diaper, or they come with two inserts - one small and one large. This is a huge convenience and money saver. Normally pocket diapers don't come with inserts and you have to spend extra money to get them.

Lastly, I would have to say that overall one size diapers are usually inexpensively priced. Considering they should last for several years, the price you pay for one size diapers is a bargain. Especially when you buy one size pockets that come with inserts.

Disadvantages To One Size

While there are many advantages to using one size diapers, there are some disadvantages as well. Not all one size diapers are created equally. Some one size diapers do not adjust small enough to fit a newborn, or are just too bulky on such a tiny baby. If that is the case you may need to invest in newborn sized diapers until your infant can fit into the one sized. On the opposite side, some one size diapers do not go large enough to fit all children until they potty train. Often the rise setting doesn't go larger than 18", which doesn't leave enough room to grow for a very tall child.

Another problem I have encountered with one size diapers is getting a proper fit around the thighs. Some one size diapers have the elastic done tightly in the legs and you just stretch the elastic to fit as they grow. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that chunky thighed babies get an improper fit and horrible red marks in that area.

With one size diapers that have a folding rise adjustment, I have seen problems with the fold not staying in place. With a folding rise diaper, the fold only stays once you snap the diaper closed. If the diaper is not put on properly, or doesn't fit right, the fold will come undone leaving half the diaper falling off.

Lastly, I have heard complaints with some one size diapers that while they fit perfectly on one size setting, they fit badly on the next. Some babies get to that in-between stage and it's hard to get the right fit on any one setting. Luckily, that is a problem a baby can grow out of.

One Size Fits Most and Two Sized Diapers

Because there have been problems with one size diapers not accommodating all children from birth to potty learning, some companies have come out with the "one size fits most" or OSFM, instead. These diapers are basically a one size diaper that does not give the guarantee to fit through all the diaper-wearing years. They are otherwise usually made to work the same.

Two sized diapers are another choice to look into as well. While there are not many companies who make them, they are out there. A two sized diaper is a diaper that adjusts between two sizes, usually extra small to small, and medium to large. It can be a great choice and can even last years if your child doesn't have any huge growth spurts. Unfortunately, just like with one size diapers, if your baby gets to an in-between size, these diapers can have problems fitting correctly.

Are One Size Diapers For Me?

As with any diaper, you need to find the one that’s right for your baby. There are many factors into deciding if a diaper meets all of you and your baby's needs. With so many one size diapers on the market right now, you have a great chance at finding a perfect match for what you're looking for. I have tried several one size diapers myself and found that while not all work for my baby, some defiantly do. I feel that they are a great option for us and expect to get a lot of use from them!

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