Prefolds with plain old gerber pulls

by Silke
(Hamiton, Ohio)

I am very pleased with gerber vinyl pants. On my DD I use a prefold (Premium size - she is 7 months) and sometimes a doubler (like a wash cloth or thin premiee prefold...) and a gerber vinyl cover. My DD never leaks. Only when she is pooping (watery breastfed poop) in the already wet diaper, then she is more likely to leak. But only when she is doing a '3-days-worth' poop....
Ok that's it with the nasty details, I promise.

Since a few months or longer, gerber does not make the vinyl cover anymore. They switched to PEVA which is better for the environment. Although PEVA works just as good as vinyl, I don't like it as much because it is not as sturdy as the thicker vinyl. I sometimes damage one with my fingernails...

So I buy the vinyl pants in Thrift stores when I am able to find them...they are manufactured anyway so why not use them up and I use the PEVA and I am thinking about switching to something else like stacinator so simple.

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