Swim Diapers

Cloth Swim Diapers consist of a water proof layer on the outside and a soft and comfortable layer on the inside. The outer lining is usually made with polyester or nylon and the inner is made with either a soft mesh or absorbent terry. Cloth swimmers are not meant to absorb, but to contain messes. One of the most important features of these diapers is strong elastic to keep everything in. Imagine the horror of a mess like that escaping! That's why many states require that babies wear swim diapers.

Cloth swimmers are a great alternative to the disposable version. Disposable swim diapers can get mushy and start to break down when wet. Add that to the cost of buying them every time you need them, cloth is a great money saver. They are great for the environment, your baby, and your wallet.

There are a ton of options if you are looking into using cloth for swimming. These diapers are super cute, and often look just like a regular bathing suit. There are board shorts, tankinis, bikinis, tanksuits and more. The cost is only about $10-$15 which is a great deal for something stylish that does the job.

I have often seen moms ask if they can use a pocket diaper without the insert in place of a swim diaper. The answer is yes! Many moms have used pocket diapers instead quite successfully. The main point of a swim diaper is to contain messes, not to absorb.
Most online cloth diaper stores carry swim diapers, but I have also seen a line of swim diapers at Target. They are only about $5-10 and still very cute. They are not quite as nice a quality as some of the swim diapers I have seen such as iPlay, but they will get the job done.

While you may never use a diaper for swimming around your house, (I know my sons always wanted to be naked in their little pools in our backyard), you will definitely need one if you are going to a public pool, and you probably want to have one if you are going to the river, lake or ocean to swim. That way you can keep any messes from escaping and causing any harm to the water or other swimmers.

Cloth swimmers are just adorable! They are fun and a good price for for a diaper no one will ever expect is a diaper. My son was able to wear his swim diaper for two summers and now I'm passing it down to my youngest son.

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