Wool and Cloth Diapers

Contrary to what you might think, wool and cloth diapers go hand and hand. They are a perfect mix. Wool is amazingly breathable and when combined with fitteds, prefolds, or flats, can provide your little one with the perfect diapering solution. It can be used anytime. During the day or night and even for going out or long trips.

Wool is also versatile in it's uses as a cover. You can go with a standard diaper cover that has a snap or aplix closure, or you can have a pull-on soaker. You can also use it to combine a cover and clothing into one. Longies and shorties are a common way to do so. And for little girls, you can use skirties - the ultimate in cute wool covers.

The Benefits of Wool

When you think wool, you think hot and scratchy, right? That's what I thought too when realized so many mamas were using it as covers. It isn't true! Here are some of the many benefits to using wool.

* Wool is naturally anti-bacterial. It does not hold in dirt or odors, which means you do not have to wash it after every use. In fact, you only have to wash your wool once every few weeks or when soiled. * Wool has the ability to regulate body temperature. The coil-shaped fibers of wool naturally wick excess moisture and heat from your skin, creating an optimal temperature zone. This makes wool perfect for a hot summer's day. * Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in liquid without feeling wet. This means that even when your baby has a wet diaper, your wool cover will still feel dry to the touch. Not unless your diaper is particularly soaked will you need to change her wool cover. And because it dries quickly, you can air out your wool for a short time and reuse it. * Wool is naturally water repellent. There is a wonderful thing in wool called lanolin. It's what keep sheep dry when they are out in the rain. * Wool fibers can bend 20,000 times before breaking. It is durable and has a long lasting life. * Wool is easy to care for. When you think wool, you may think a rigorous washing process. Actually wool is very simple to wash and some types of wool can actually be washed on gentle in your washing machine. * Wool comes in a variety of weights and textures creating many different styles to suite your preferences. * Wool is mostly non-allergic. For those with sensitive skin, wool is a great choice. Some babies may have allergic reactions to the lanolin in wool, just make sure it's not a reaction to chemicals used to treat it.

How Do You Use Wool and Cloth Diapers?

Using wool is so simple! You simply lanolize it and it's ready to wear. Some wool covers will come to you already lanolized. In that case you can use it right away. Just pull it over your baby's diaper and you are good to go. As long as the wool cover is not wet or soiled at the next diaper change you can use it again. If it is wet you can air dry it and the cover will be ready to use by the next diaper change. If it is soiled, wash it immediately and let it dry.

Washing wool is not at all difficult. It rarely needs to be washed. As a matter of fact, you can often get away with only washing your wool diaper covers about once a month. I only wash my wool when it gets dirty or soiled with poo. With a toddler who loves to play outside I do have to wash a bit more though.

To Know Wool Is To Love It

Every time I put a wool diaper cover on my child I just feel really good about it. Knowing I am giving him the very best by using cloth diapers and wool for a breathable and all natural diapering system gives me peace of mind. It may not be as easy as some diaper systems, like the AIO, but it is my favorite. I hope you find the love for wool too because it truly is amazing.

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