Woollybottoms for skinny legs!

by Amy
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

My girl was a preemie, and has very very skinny legs. I couldn't keep pockets from leaking at night, and if I stuffed them enough to make the legs snug, I got compression leaks.

This ALL ended when I started using Woollybottoms soakers for my nighttime cover. Now, I can stuff with whatever I feel is necessary - many nights, we use a MF insert next to her skin, then a super-do insert, all within a prefold snappi'd. But we can also just use a smaller prefold trifolded within the bigger prefold, and we still don't leak! The cover still gapes a bit around her thighs, but it doesn't seem to cause any trouble. AND since we only use these covers for nighttime, I only need to wash/lanolize once every couple of months.

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