How To Use A Snappi

If you are new to cloth diapers and want to use prefolds you have mostly heard of a "Snappi". A Snappi is a diaper fastener thatis an alternative to using pins. It is a stretchy one piece fastener with hooks that grab into the prefold's material to hold it closed. It is very easy to use and many parents prefer to use them over the more traditional pins.

Snappi's come in two different sizes. Size 1 is meant for younger babies, and Size 2 is meant for toddlers. I have been able to use a Size 1 on my one year old successfully though. If you stretch it out well and use a diaper that has it's tabs close enough together, you can make the Size 1 last a long time. The Size 2 is quite large, especially once it's fully stretched out.

Snappi Safety

Snappi's are a great invention, but I like to them of them as a cloth diapering tool. They have a great purpose but can be very dangerous. Babies and parents alike have been injured through incorrect use of a Snappi fastener. They have sharp little hooks in them which can cut skin very easily.

It is important to never use a Snappi on a diaper without a diaper cover. You do not want your baby to go coverless while using a Snappi. It can come undone and hook into your baby's skin. I can tell you this not only from all the stories I read, but from experience. You do not want to accidentally hurt your baby this way, trust me!

I have also cut my finger using a Snappi. Always be careful when using one, and use the safety loop when not in use. That way if a child gets ahold of it, they cannot hurt themselves on it.

How To Use A Snappi

A Snappi is very easy to use. When you first get a Snappi you will need to gently stretch it out about 10 times to help it become more elastic and easier to use. Once it is broken in it's ready to use.

1. Put diaper on baby. Hold Snappi in your hand and hook the left end onto the left side of the diaper.

2. Stretch the Snappi across and hook the right side of the Snappi onto the right side of the diaper.

3. Then Stretch the Snappi down and hook the center piece of the Snappi onto the middle of the Snappi.

Always make sure the Snappi is attached securely.

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